Detoxifying Foot Bath


Spa package saleHealing Benefits Of A Foot Bath:

*  Reduces stress

*  Reduces depression

*  Enhances weight loss

*  Increases energy

*  Reduces headaches and migraines

*  Improves blood prssure

*  Lowers cholesterol

*  Increases circulation

Our bodies are working everyday to move the toxins that attack us.  Our organs are strained trying to rid waste and detoxify our bodies.  A Detoxifying Foot bath will do more in 30 mintues than any other for of detox.  During a Foot Bath treatment your lymphatic system begins to work at an increased speed to relase the body’s toxins out of the sweat glands in your feet.

Contact Carolyn today for an appointment, you will be glad you did!

After a foot bath you will feel a sense of well-being and the the satisfaction of knowing you have done something very positive for your body.

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