Foot Bath FAQ

Q.  What Does a Foot Bath do?

Foot Bath purges the toxins in your body.  It Generates a stream of positive and negative ions (Charged atoms) that attract themselves to oppositedly charged toxic particles in the bloodstream.

Q.  Why Do you soak the feet?

The feet have over 2000 pores per foot.  The treatment will pull the toxins out through the sweat glands in the feet removing them quicker than any other way.

Q.  Toxins?

The foot bath will remove pollutants and chemicals that are thought to contribute to cancer, fatigue, stress, allergies and diseases. We get toxins from the air, water work environments, food and even our clothing.

Q.  Won’t my body get rid of these toxins without a foot bath?

Our bodies were not ment to deal with the levels of toxins we are dealing with in todays environment.  A foot bath will help give your body the boost it needs to detox.

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