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Start The New Year Out Right! Get YOUR Skin In Tip Top Shape. With This NEW Work Out. 
(And The Best Part… Carolyn Will Do ALL Of The Work)

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Who Wants More Collagen & Elasticity, Less Lines & Wrinkles And Brighter, More Youthful Looking Skin?

If you do…  Carolyn has put together a Remarkable 4 Step “Workout” Treatment Plan for Beautiful Skin! (This is a one of a kind treatment regimen… designed to give YOUR SKIN the “Perfect” Work Out… which can be achieved in ONLY 2 skin care treatments/sessions).

Carolyn’s clients are achieving remarkable results!

Here’s The Skinny:

Micro-Needling – Also Known As CIT (Collagen Induction Treatment) Micro-Needling sounds like an intimidating procedure (thanks to the word “needle” in it’s name); however this facial treatment is considered a more effective way to do a facial–aside from the numbing cream that’s involved.  Micro channels of tiny needles create minuscule holes in the skin that kick-start/stimulate your body’s own natural collagen production to heal itself.  “You’re really building collagen and thickening the skin, so instead of looking good for a few days after your traditional facial, your skin is smooth and radiant for much longer,” explains Beverly Hills-based plastic surgeon Dr. Shelia Nazarian. “It’s such a safe procedure, and is great for filling in acne scars.”  Of course, the idea of getting needles inserted into your face, for the sake of skincare, might seem CRAZY, but if you’ve seen the before and after pictures, there’s no questioning the treatment’s effectiveness.  Instead of using injectable fillers to repair an indented/scarred area, the process produces collagen and elastin, banishes fine lines & wrinkles, while diminishing pore size. ($349 value)

Image’s Signature Treatment Peel – Lighten, brighten & tighten your skin!!!  Your skin will be lifted to a new level of health; through targeted I Peel(s) & Enhancer(s) that are perfectly customized to treat your skin concerns/conditions… offering unmatched customization options. ($125 value)

Layered & Boosted Masque – Beautiful skin starts w/ healthy skin.  The circle of skin health encompasses a variety of highly effective masques (which are boosted w/ additives, serums, stem-cells, lightening agents, etc.) which promote your ideal skin.  ($59 value)

Ultrasonic Infusion Therapy – Stimulates collagen and penetrates desired products deep into the skin ($69 value)

A 2 Day Work Out For Your SKIN To Get It In Tip Top Shape For 2017!!!

A $602 Value for Just $325


Start Your New Year out right and let Carolyn help YOU achieve your smooth skin goals as your skin is restored to a more youthful, healthy, skin-fit best, with this safe, effective and innovative treatment plan (with minimal to no downtime).

But Hurry, this terrific deal won’t last long… ONLY available through the end of Feb.

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