Price List for Body Treatments

By Carolyn

that get results!


Detox Hydro Therapy Body Wrap*                         $79.00
Detoxify your body

Enzymatic Sea Mud Body Wrap*                           $79.00
Stimulate your sluggish metabolism

Sudatonics™ Body Wrap*                                   $129.00

Body Blanket using FIR Infrared technology to make the body
burn fat by forming a resistance to sweating and then making the
body sweat. SUDATONIC first eliminates excess water, then attacks
excess fat. In one session, you can… *Lose up to 5 pounds
*Dramatically reduce cellulite *Eliminate up to 20% of body fat
*Burn up to 4,000 calories *Lose inches & Body contouring
*Completely invigorate your body *Relieve body pain

*Wraps are not recommended if you are pregnant

Package of 3 for $345.00

Buy a package of 6 and get your 7th FREE making each wrap $110.50

Timeless Tanning Treatment                                            $Depending on treatment
Save your skin from pre-mature aging without giving up that healthy glow!

This sunless “mist on” tan will instantly bronze your
body without damaging your skin. Enjoy a safe, ordorless,
non-streaking, bronze tan!
*Price varies depending upon treatment

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