Enzyme Peels

Enzymes Feed your skin with nutrients, slow down the aging process and speed up the regeneration of skin cells.

The Enzymes provide a natural and exclusive process of completely rejuvenating the skin!  They truly work like magic with no peeling or downtime!  picture of lady getting a facial

Pumpkin………… For upset Skin
Eliminates acne!

Mango……………. For sensitive Skin
Diminishes pores!

Cranberry…….. For Normal/oily Skin
Restores and revitalizes elasticity. Eliminates toxins and waste materials

Cherry Berry….. For Dry/premature aging skin
Regenerates decreasing collagen and rejuvenates vigor and freshness to skin.
Repairs free radical damage.

Cinnamon Peel with Firm and Lift
This “deep heating” exfoliating peel is accompanied with an aerobic workout for your skin cells. As the masque dries, a pleasant pulsating and tightening sensation occurs. This treatment will get your skin in great shape!  This peel costs a little more but it is oh so worth it!

PLEASE if you have food allergy’s… tell Carolyn. If you can’t eat it, you should NOT be putting it on your skin.


Enzyme Peel Price list

Request your Enzyme Peel Appointment with Carolyn @ Legends here!


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