Price List for Treatment Enhancers

Add a little Extra Enhancement to any facial!

  • Herbal Eye Treatment                                          $19.00

A blend of Herbs and Chamomile Tea will soothe the puffiest eyes

  • Anti-Wrinkle Eye Treatment                                 $29.00

Eye tissue will be refinished and plumped so you will look younger,
refreshed and bright eyes with this eye wrinkle-remover/ specialty!

  • Deep Pore/ Cyanoacrylate Blackhead Extraction     $25.00

This advanced Blackhead removal treatment is effective for the one who has blackheads trapped underneath the surface of the skin. Treatments can only be performed on the nose and / or chin areas.

  • Extractions                                                          $15.00

Effective in cleaning out trapped pores filled with sebaceous materials. The removal of comedones (blackhead) and millia (whiteheads) will take place through proper skin preparation and specially designed extraction tools, followed by post extraction fluid to close the pores.

  • Boosted Masque                                                    $25.00

Boosters, Serums, Ampules and Additives are added to the masque to intensify it’s benefits. (i.e. Collagen, Oxygen, Vitamin C, Pigment Relief, Alpha Lipoic Acid)

  • Peel Off Molding Mask                                         $37.00

Their way of drying from outside to inside, produces a carrier effect that favors the penetration of ative ingredients applied in facial treatments, reinforcing the anti-wrinkle effect. Masques produce a muscular contractor that creates a visible reaffirmation.

  • Ultrasonic                                                             $29.00

Packed with penetration power to deliver products deep into the skin

  • Amplified Light Therapy and Ultrasonic                   $35.00

Renews and Rejuvenates to reduce wrinkles/fine lines

  • “Red” Light therapy and Ultrasonic                          $25.00

Diminishes blemishes and lightens discolorations

  • High Frequency                                                       $29.00

Excellent for acne spot treatment. Designed to target problematic recurring breakout areas and has good germicidal effect.

               Add on Enzyme/Chemical Peel                                  $39.00

  • Anti-Aging Hand Treatment                                     $19.00
  • Paraffin Hand Treatment                                         $29.00

Ultimate hydration for dry hands or hands prone to rheumatism arthritis. (softens cuticles, plumps skin, moisturizes soothes heals and stimulates circulation).

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